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Not a bad day at work today - very busy though.

The local community college men's basketball team came in today for sport physicals. The whole team. At once. In addition to our regularly scheduled patients. Hectic. Yeah.

I was in charge of getting weight and height measurements on all the boys. Thankfully the coach helped out on the height thing. I'm 5'2" and some of these boys were well over six feet tall. I just wasn't tall enough to get accurate measurements. Several of the boys moaned about not getting to add that extra fraction of an inch. The coach and I had agreed, though, that nothing less than an entire inch would be given for the purpose of the physicals. One player in particular bemoaned the fact that he'd been deemed "only" 6'3" instead of 6'3.5". I listened to him argue with the coach for a few minutes then decided I would have my say. I walked over to stand right in front of him and asked him to look at me. When he realized how far down he had to look in order to look me in the eye, we both had to grin.

"I'm 5'2"," I said. "I was 5'2" on the day of my 16th birthday. I will never be taller than I am right now. Actually, if I make it to be an old woman, I'll likely be shorter than I am today. Do you really want to make a fuss about whether or not half an inch is written on a piece of paper?"

He had the audacity to laugh and pat me on the head! Then he sat in his seat and stopped complaining. I counted the silence well worth it.


Sep. 5th, 2010 11:33 am
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Okay. So I finally got an account created over here. Don't expect too much. Really. For the time being, I expect I'll post just enough to keep the account active.

There may come a day when I'll be here exclusively. Then, obviously, I'll be here more. :D


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